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We offer a variety of options to begin or further your journey with weekly classes, retreats and one-on-one yoga therapy.


Bring positive results to your mind, body and spirit!



Gentle yoga classes listening to your own body which includes breathing, improving strength, flexibility, balance, and increasing your overall energy level while reducing your stress level, allowing you to sleep better.

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Fun afternoon with music, movement and relaxation. By the end, you will feel totally rested and rejuvenated.


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Working one-on-one with clients with different health conditions using various yoga tools to improve the clients' day to day living.


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The business
of Yoga

If you are a yoga instructor or health care professional and want to start your own business, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you market your services, increase revenue, and minimize your taxes.

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"After Saralee's morning yoga class I feel more limber.  Her class helps my mind be clearer and balanced so that I am able to focus on the day ahead.  Her yoga classes provide me with a sense of well being and the opportunity to move forward and accomplish so much more than might otherwise be possible.  Very positive outcome."  – M.B, Thornhill


Meet Saralee

Saralee's passion in life is to impart her knowledge and experience in the areas of yoga, fitness and nutrition in order to bring about positive changes in peoples' lives.


The name and philosophy of Yoga3 was born out of integrating these three core components. The combination of Yoga, Fitness and Nutrition creates an interaction that optimizes the benefits of each. When you attend to each, in combination or in tandem, you set yourself up for success in

achieving your wellness goals.


Saralee maintains all of these disciplines in order to keep her mind and body strong, help her keep balanced in life and on her feet, move with more ease, maintain a healthy body weight and maximize her health.


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©  2019  Yoga3. All rights reserved.

©  2019  Yoga3. All rights reserved.

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